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Directors & Management

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Board of Directors

headshot of Murat Bardakci

Murat Bardakci


Mr. Bardakci is a Certified Public Accountant and is the managing partner of GSK Accountancy Corporation, and is an original founding member of the Board. Mr. Bardakci is also a founding director.

headshot of Austin Park

Austin Park

Vice Chairman

Mr. Park is an educator and President of Newton International College, a private, post-secondary educational institution providing vocational courses in office computer applications and dental laboratory technology, as well as courses in English as a secondary language. Mr. Park is also a founding director.

headshot of Mehmet Onur

Mehmet Onur

President & CEO

Mehmet Onur was appointed as a director and CEO of the Bank in November 2013 after spending three years at Saehan Bank, where he successfully participated in the removal of a formal regulatory order for that institution and participated in the subsequent sale of that institution to Wilshire Bancorp. Prior to that, Mr. Kim was the Bank’s founding CEO and member of GOB’s original board. Through Mr. Kim’s leadership, the two concurrent Consent Orders in place were removed within fifteen months.

headshot of Leonard Rushfield

Gokhan Ramazan


Mr. Ramazan is currently Adjunct Professor of Finance and Strategy at Pepperdine University and the University of Redlands. Prior to that Mr. Ramazan has over four decades of commercial banking experience in senior-level capacities with Bankers’ Trust Company of New York, Republic National Bank of New York, American Express Bank, and Bear Stearns. He has served as a board director at Safra Bank of California and American Premier Bank. He was a member of the Advisory Committee of Comerica Bank of California. He also served on the boards of Gridcore International Systems, Long Beach, California and Agriboard Industries, Dallas, Texas. In addition, Mr. Ramazan served on many non-profit and community development boards. Mr. Ramazan was founder and Managing Director of Asia Development Partners and RLR Advisors, and a Director of Capital Partners in Bratislava, Slovakia, reflecting his long experience and residence in Asia and Central Europe.

headshot of Daniel Philipp

Daniel Philipp


Mr. Philipp is a Certified Public Accountant and President of C&Y Accountants, Inc. Mr. Philipp is an experienced bank director, having previously served as a board member for Uniti Bank, Buena Park, California.

headshot of Arthur Lee

Arthur Lee


Mr. Lee was elected as a director for the Bank in November 2014. He is President and Chief Executive Officer of KCC Transport Systems, Inc., a transportation and logistics company providing air, sea and land transportation services, as well as warehousing distribution and customs clearance services. In his business position, Mr. Lee provides an extended network of business prospects to GOB, as well as a source of capital where he was a significant participant on the Bank’s last two capital offerings.

headshot of Faiez Ennabe

Joan H. Wilson

Accounts Manager

Joan H. Wilson was elected to the BOD in November 2015 and is accounts manger, International Banking Operations, she is an experienced and successful business person with a long history in the business community and along with her business associate, provides a source of financial strength to GOB. Joan H. Wilson brings expanded depth to the Bank through her network of business relationships and, along with her business associate, provides broader representation of shareholder interests. Joan H. Wilson and her business associate were a significant participants in the Bank’s 2015 capital offering and maintain significant deposit relationships with GOB.

Executive Officers

Mehmet Onur

Chief Executive Officer/President


Ralph Wiita

Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer


Jin Soo Kim

Executive Vice President/Chief Credit Officer